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RAVN has been focused on empowering our customer partner’s mission success through the collaborative design, engineering, manufacturing and support of world class technology and communication solutions. We work to ensure a smooth, informed process that encourages and stimulates after sale opportunities through services and sustainment contracts, ongoing training programs, repeat business and customer referrals.  Our strategy is not based singularly on new technology, new products/features, or even brilliant marketing distribution or services, but instead, a consultative, customer mission driven, comprehensive approach.  Based on our understanding of the customer’s unique mission and business challenges, we anticipate the key issues and how we might best help the address them, and then position our solution towards those drivers.

RVG’s in-house core competencies blend partnerships with industry leading custom manufacturing capabilities, interoperable communication, connectivity and software engineering, and IT integration expertise to deliver industry leadership in integrated, value driven solutions that both exceed our customers’ expectations and challenge existing products and technology in the markets that we serve. In doing so, we can assist government agencies and private enterprises in the planning, response and management of mission critical events and technology enablement. 

We have gained significant recognition in the industry because of our scalable telemetry integration solutions and we have worked for numerous customers and ranges over the last several years including China Lake NWS, Twentynine Palms, Kratos Defense, Sandia National Labs, Edwards AFB, Vandenberg AFB, GTRI, SAIC, Nellis AFB, CBP, EUCOM, NIST, US State Department, Bureau of Indian Affairs, NASA, DHS, Eglin AFB, NASA, US Navy and others. These customers and partnerships enabled us to develop integrated technology applications to support ongoing testing of multiple weapons systems and aircraft platforms. Our experience integrating EMI/RF shielding requirements into unique mobile applications has uniquely positioned us to support and now defend the warfighter with our cUAS system solution that is currently in development and testing. 

We would love to talk to you more about your project/needs.  Feel free to email us: anna(at) or ethan(at)

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